Based on the concept of “aiming to be THE pub in the city,” we will continue to create a business rooted in the community and beer unique to the city.

Since opening in 2003, our pub has been able to continue to operate with the support of local customers and the many visitors to Matsumoto. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued patronage.
When we consume delicious foods we have a smile that appears naturally … and by providing a cozy space where one can share that “deliciousness …” with a smile, and with as many people as possible, we know that we always want people to feel happy.
We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.

President of Land Service Co. Ltd.
Kouichi Hayashi

Business Name Land Service Co. Ltd.
Address Todoriki Building 20-3-2 Chuou Matsumoto-shi, Nagano
Tel 0263-38-0069
President Kouichi Hayashi
Capital 3 million yen
Business content Restaurant management / food sales business
Office Public Beer House Old Rock (Main bar coat)
Opening 2002 Opened as Old Rock Co. Ltd.
Employees 2 directors 3 full-time employees

Our logo’s concept
The three “L”s represent LAND SERVICE, and the green squares represent the beautiful local nature. The three “L”s form the “three achievements” that customers need.

“Effort for value”
We will always think from the customer’s point of view and pursue products and services that are valuable to our customers.

“Direct outcome”

We will create a sustainable and independent company by serving as many people as possible with all our heart.

“The development of human resources”

The organization considers it as a means to manage living human beings, and provides guidance and education in order to improve humanity through work.
We have a strong will to build the above three results as a corporate culture and incorporate them into every job.


Main bar court opened.


Started selling the first barrel Guinness beer in the prefecture.


Opened Public House Old Rock.
Founded Old Rock Co. Ltd.


Public Beer House Old Rock name changed
The interior of the store was renovated.
Changed company name to Land Service Co. Ltd.


Introduced “Punk IPA” from BrewDog, Scotland.


Operated a stall in Matsumoto Yamaga home game (for 10 games)


Changed the company name to Land Service Co. Ltd.


Received “Guinness Best Pub Award” from Guinness in consecutive years


Established Beer Fes Shinshu Executive Committee with volunteers.
Held the 1st Craft Beer Festival at Matsumoto Castle Park.


Established “Matsumoto Brewery Co. Ltd.”, a craft beer manufacturing and sales company.


Completed Matsumoto Brewery in Nomizonishi, Matsumoto City.


We continue to bloom the flower of food culture
Pursuing the physical and mental well-being of all employees
For customers
By providing products and services that communicate with eachother
and contribute to the local community.

Is it best for you? We always think from the customer’s point of view and create true value and act through sincere work.

We will contribute to society by making families, including children and people from all walks of life, smile and feel happy by letting them enjoy delicious food.

We will work together as a team with compassionate teamwork to create a work environment where people can grow personally by working together on services that are linked with warm connections.

Based on the belief that we truly handle “safe and secure” materials, we aim to develop together, procure and work with important business partners.

With all our heart we will provide hospitality that will impress you by providing genuine ingredients and beverages nurtured by the nature of Shinshu.

Koichi Hayashi


Born in Matsumoto City


Joined the French hotel chain “Club Med Sahoro”


Moved to the same Sahoro resort “Hotel Sahoro”


Engaged in and trained as a master who won the world’s highest technology award in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.


French Embassy held 1st Marie Blizzard Cocktail Competition 3rd place


British Embassy held
Winner of the 1st Beefeater Cocktail Competition
International Cocktail Competition
Participated in the London Games as a representative of Japan
4th overall


Main Bar Coat opened independently


Organized by the 28th Japan Bartenders Association
National bartender skill competition overall victory
Received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award


Sponsored by the International Bartenders Association
WCC World Cocktail Competition
Participated in the Slovenia Tournament as a representative of Japan


Public House Old Rock Opened


Established Land Service Co., Ltd.


Served as General Manager of Nagano Prefecture Headquarters, Japan Bartenders Association


Appointed as CEO of Matsumoto Brewery Co. Ltd.


President of Land Service Co. Ltd.
Main bar coat bartender
Advisor of Nagano Prefecture Headquarters, Japan Bartenders Association
Beer Fes Shinshu Executive Committee General Planning
Representative Director of Matsumoto Brewery Co. Ltd.